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Let's create something amazing!

Welcome to Art Additive! We welcome dreamers, aspiring artists, and those looking to add a touch of boldness or something whimsical into their lives.

You can explore creativity at your pace! Inspire your everyday workspace or home with new whimsical and fun art to brighten your day. Here you’ll find a space to get personal portraits, commissions, and experience art intimately.

Art is not something to be afraid of; instead, demand more of it. Make Art your newest craving.


How about adding something fun to your day?


I'll do you one better: Why is Art Additive?

My name is Chelsey and I am the voice behind Art Additive. My brand originally began as "Art of Chelsey" but as I dreamt of the future I decided a big change was needed to allow for more room to grow. One day I hope to have this space filled with tutorials, downloads & spots to even showcase. So Drax, to answer your question, that is why Art Additive.


Street Art




Are you ready to get started?

OK - my hair may or may not be blue or pink or purple at the moment. It is always changing... But do you know what never changes? My desire to create.

Maybe I am painting a portrait of your pet or designing something for your business. Maybe we are doing a collab or a product review. I am always looking for the next project, so reach out and let's create something amazing!

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