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Are you a Dreamer?

Dreams are meant to inspire us and drive us forward. Art Additive is about pulling our dreams out of our heads and putting it into art.


Here you’ll find the space to explore what’s missing in your life. Pursue your creativity. Let imagination build and grow one day at a time. You’ll get hands-on access to paintings, street art, chalk art, murals, portraits, graphic design, and more.


Art Additive embraces all the beauty and exploration within art and now that’s yours as well.

As the platform continues to grow and showcase art for commercial and instructional use, this space welcomes all dreamers to pursue making imagination a reality through visual art.


Who am I?

Meet Chelsey Scott, master street artist and the voice behind Art Additive. As a queer creator with a love of illustration and anything pink, she works full-time as an artist in north Georgia. Inspired by all things fun, whimsical, and feminine, her work captures organic and intuitive artistry throughout different mediums


While she loves a cozy day at home, you’ll more often then not find her working on a variety of art showcases, commissions, and traveling. Whether she is doing a chalk instillation, creating TikTok content, illustrating children’s books, or making a quick tv appearance she is always looking to inspire those around her.


Art is a visual story that connects one person to another, and Chelsey loves to explore art and the diverse communities that surround it.

When not working on street murals or portraits you’ll find Chelsey at home enjoying podcasts, Pokémon, and being the best mom to a husky, bearded dragon, and three cats. Chelsey dreams of working with brands to make art supplies more accessible to large communities and encouraging other queer artists to pursue their dreams.

What other artists do we feature?

In addition to Chelsey's work Art Additive hopes to serve as a home for several other artists as well. In the future, each artist will have a dedicated shop page to showcase their own collection.

We are still a few month's away from this feature as the platform grows, so be sure to check back or sign up for our newsletter to be notified of updates.

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