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Airplane Sketches

An airplane sketch is just some quick fun in, you guessed it, an airplane. It is a great distraction from being cramped in a small seat with some strangers... I did this one (my favorite so far) on the flight back from a chalk event in Minnesota, playing with some of the dickblick stuff they gave me at Arbor Lakes Chalk Fest, it was done with only 3 pencils and is a great example of what can be achieved with layering.

This is also what happens when you listen to Pinks "Just like Fire" for 3 hours because it's the only song on your phone... I just couldn't get the Hatter out of my head and decided he needed to be done.

I These ones were done in pen (yes, that is pen shaped like a brush, I was pretty excited when I got it). The left is of my dog, Harley, and the right of my beautiful new nephew, Michael.

This one was a Happy Birthday done for my other nephew Jude, I had to miss his 1st birthday... but he is a pretty important guy so I wanted to celebrate with a sketch anyways.

Safe Travels!

#sketches #coloredpencil #pen #madhatter #harley #jude #airplanesketches

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