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Can I order a Portrait?

Yes of course! But how?

Every portrait I do was first a photograph... Now, any photograph will work but the sharper my reference photo, the better the portrait will turn out. I prefer to receive a digital image, this way I am not responsible for the only print you have, but am willing to make exceptions.

Some examples... This is Bumpkin the Cat and Bug the Horse, their reference images are on the left and the finished portrait is on the right.

Family portraits can also be created from multiple photographs... reference images on the left and a finished portrait on the right (cell phone photo of the art, sorry about that)

Then of course there are the more difficult ones where the reference images are so old I am making up a few details... For this one, a fire destroyed all of the other pictures. This was the only photograph they had of their wedding.

This one - not so bad, just a little old, back before we all had digital camera's and cell phones...

So, as you can see... pretty easy? You send me the picture, and I recreate it for you in pencil, adding or removing a few things as needed and creating a piece of art that will be cherished for years.

All of the above portraits are done at my standard size of 8x10, although I typyically do them on 11x14in pieces of bristol board paper. Prices start at $100 and range from there depending on the level of detail and needs of each picture. I require a 50% deposit and we go from there. Portraits are completed from 2-8 weeks depending on scheduling.

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