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September ArtSnacks Unboxing and Timelapse

In this video I do an unboxing, try out the supplies in the box and do a cute mixed media piece!

I decided that I wanted to try out an Art subscription box, really I want to try out a few, but I figured one at a time. For September I decided to try Artsnacks, you can check them out HERE and even buy past boxes.

General disclaimer, I am not affiliated with them in anyway. Products Featured in September: Alvin + ArtSnacks .5mm Draft-Matic Mechanical Pencil The Alvin .5mm Draft-Matic Mechanical Pencil was engineered for comfort, with a stainless steel finger grip, and comes stocked with HB graphite. Hidden under the steel cap you’ll find a cute little eraser. We collaborated with Alvin to produce this limited edition version in ArtSnacks teal, a color that is exclusive to our customers, and will never be available anywhere else! Alumicolor Hollow Triangular Drafting Scale The Alumicolor Hollow Triangular Drafting Scale is a precision instrument great for artists because it stays in place better than a standard flat ruler. If you don’t want to measure in inches, flip it over and try the five other units of measure! Your shiny new drafting scale is about the length of a pen, so it’s easy to pack up and carry with your other art supplies. Kuretake Clean Color Real Brush The Kuretake Clean Color Real Brush pen features water-based ink, so it’s perfect for blending. Try laying down a layer of ink and then using another brush to add water, creating a wash effect. You can also blend with another marker if it’s not alcohol-based – just touch the tips together. The flexible bristle tip makes it possible to blend a variety of water-based ink colors without staining the tip. Kurecolor Twin S Marker Durable, vibrant, and professional. All strong words to describe the Kurecolor Twin S Marker. For aspiring designers everywhere, these markers will bring your artwork to life, whether you are drawing on glass, acetate, metal, or photo paper.

A detail view

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