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Cheap Art Supply Challenge

Hi Guys! So this week I decided to take part in the Cheap Art Supply Challenge. If you are not familiar, it is basically where you just create something out of materials that are lower end, or don’t cost that much. A lot of people do it with dollar store art supply’s or Crayola, but I had been wanting this super colorful watercolor palette from Michaels, so I decided to just use that for the challenge since it was only $6. Here is a link if you are interested.

In my video I talk about the palette, the colors, and then continue on to a timelapse of my piece.

I decided to do a cute illustration for this, a crossover of Sailor Moon and a Pokemon, Jigglypuff. This is specifically for my 2nd Instagram account where I post non-art things. If you want to check out my art instagram @chelseycreates and my personal one is @sailorjigglypuff

So I say all of this in my video, but I just want to readdress it here as well… Something a lot of people don’t talk about when they do cheap art supply challenges is lightfastness and the why’s of quality. Cheaper art supplies can be great when learning a medium, doing fun projects, ect... However, because these supplies are made with cheaper source materials they are often not as pigmented or don’t have lasting durability, especially when exposed to light. Now it is really not something to worry about, even some higher end companies don’t have great lightfast ratings, I just like to mention it so you know to be careful with your work, photograph or scan it, and remember that if you sell it.

I also have a new goal for my youtube account, it is to do a new video every other week. Ill be doing this until I get more followers, and then I might actually up the amount of videos I do. So if you liked it or just want to support me be sure to subscribe, interact, and share with your friends – Thanks!

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