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Painting with Tea Challenge

So, one of the Youtubers I follow inadvertantly started a painting with tea challenge, which we have decided to call the #blacksummerteachallenge.... And I was in love with her piece so I decided I need to join in on the fun and make my own. I know Claire did a mermaid as well, but I just love mermaids, how could I not also do one?

Pros of tea:

It is a delicious beverage

Cons of tea:

It is not an art supply

haha, so it was a bit of a struggle, I ended up cheating a bit, using watercolor, but I had alot of fun doing it, which is really why I enjoy challenges anyways.

​ And of course, can watch Blacksummer Coloring's Tea Mermaid that started the challenge....

#blacksummerteachallenge #mermaids #tea #painting #artchallenge #challenge

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