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Master Street Artist – What is it?

A little-known fact about me: I was certified as a Maestre, aka Master Street Artist, by the Florida Chalk Artists Association back in 2015. Sure, this sounds cool (and it is!), but what exactly does it mean?

Chelsey accepting her Masters Certificate

The Florida Chalk Artist Association (or FCAA for short) created a list of certifications that members could achieve, that sort of breaks down career milestones and achievements. It is a great way to not only demonstrate experience and skill, but it also provided a great motivator to try out certain things to meet this goal. So just for fun, I am going to list out the requirements for this certification and my related experience to demonstrate how I earned my designation.


  • Write an article or column for an art publication or newsletter covering street painting techniques, events, or observations about the art form. I wrote an article for the FCAA newsletter in 2013 on the freehand method. Since then I have also written articles for the Georgia Chalk Artist Guild.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of gridding, pouncing, and freestyle street painting techniques. Freestyle is my main method however I always demonstrate the other techniques when doing work.

  • Produce artworks from an original composition and a portrait (facial image) I have done both.

  • Participate in 15 street painting festivals or events, 12 or more as a solo artist. At the time of getting my certification I believe I had participated at 40 events, as of early 2018 I have participated in over 70.

  • Participate in at least one Large Florida Festival This was originally a requirement to participate in Disney Festival of the Masters, which I did in 2013, however it no longer exists.

  • Lake Worth Street Painting Festival

  • Sarasota Chalk Festival I participated in 2012

  • Clearwater Beach Chalk Art Festival I participated in 2013

  • Safety Harbor Bloom'n Chalk Festival I participated in 2012, 2017, 2018

  • Provide 1 example of educational programs, instruction, demonstrations of street painting. I was invited to ArtFest Fort Myers as a professional educator and judge annually throughout 2014-2017. In addition, I have done educational workshop for individual groups like the girl scouts as well as larger festivals.

I was also on a live TV segment produced by Daytona State College; WDSC-15 "7:30PM for CreARTivity"

  • Receive an award in a festival of 30 or more street painting artists. Or Be an invited featured artist to 5 or more different chalk art festivals. I won the 2011 newcomer award at Family Days Festival in Port Orange, FL; The 1st place adult in 2012 Chalkin' it up in Winter Garden, FL; A merit award at Chalk Walk in Hyde Park, Tampa, FL in 2014; In addition I have been a featured artist at Arbor Lakes, Sarasota/Venice Chalk Festival, Clearwater, ArtFest Fort Myers, and Marietta to name a few.

  • Demonstrate and identify 3 or more styles of chalking technique. Typically I chalk in a flat freestyle method, however I am familiar with and now how to do both 3D and 4D work, as well as use different blending and application processes like pouncing and griding.

  • Produce street paintings in 4 of 8 categories as part of your entries to demonstrate your skills and proficiency. I have done the following in pink:

  • master reproduction

  • portrait

  • landscape

  • still life

  • abstract

  • impressionistic

  • black and white

  • pop art

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