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Path 400 Mural

Jessi and I teamed up to paint this temporary mural on Path 400 in Atlanta Georgia. If you are local to the area it is near the Wieuca Rd entrance. It is 8ftx20ft and took us about 5-6 hours to complete. This mural is one of 5 that are being sponsored by Kaiser Permanente in partnership with Livable Buckhead. The piece is meant to bring attention to mental health awareness and general well being, plus a reminder to everyone out there that YOU ARE LOVED! Never forget that.

Path 400 mural "you are loved"

Music Credit: Truck by The Octopus Project

A big shout out to my art partner Jessi Queen for recording and editing the timelapse video for us!

Go check out Jessi's amazing work:

#mural #painting

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