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Let’s see what we
can create together!

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember, but street art holds a special place in my heart.

Creating art in public spaces allows me to inspire communities & reach a larger audience then any other art form I have experienced. People get to see something up close, watch how it's created & really interact with the artist on a whole different level.

I have been a featured artist for various events across the country, hosted workshops for people of all ages, consulted for festivals and done high profile work for corporate clients.


The "Basics"

When it comes to chalk art, I have been doing it professionally for over 15 years and am a member of the Georgia Chalk Artist Guild, Florida Chalk Artist Association and International Street Painting Society. I fell in love back in 2005 when my high school hosted it's own event and I was introduced to this whole new world, inspiring me to create work I didn't know was possible.


In 2015 I was certified as a Master Street Artist by the FCAA (read about it here). I have traveled all over the country creating large pieces as a featured artist as well as consulting for events, judging artwork, & leading workshops.


I am best known for being able to free-hand my work, as well as blending realism and fantasy to bring life to a subject. I often recreate some of my favorite artists work (with their permission of course!) as well as come up with my own compositions.

Some of my Featured Work


Want me at your event?

Although I am available to be a featured artist, street painting isn’t just for festivals. I can also be hired for special events like party's, graduations, anniversaries, or holidays. Street painting can also be utilized to provide viewing entertainment and focus on to fund-raisers, business events, community festivals, or conventions.


The cost of having a live chalk artist at your event depends on size, complexity, travel, and time taken to complete. It’s practically impossible to give an estimate without that information, so if you are interested please send me an email about what you are looking for and we can go from there to figure out the details.

Complete Chalkography

I have come along way since my High School chalking days (the image to the right is from 2006!) and every piece has been different in it's own way.

Currently I am working on a complete history of every chalk piece I have ever done, once completed it will be available at the link below.

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